Our production facility is located at:

DV8 Dyanamics
18520 Pasadena Street, STE B

Lake Elsinore, CA  92530


UPDATED June 23, 2022

We are currently shipping all open 2021 orders. Some models, with lower volume of orders, have started shipping for 2022. When your order is completed you will receive an automated e-mail notice.

Slides experiencing the longest delays:




XDm 5.25″


Please accept our apologies for the delay in order processing and shipping. A nation-wide material shortage has caused a domino effect in our production delays. To shorten shipping delays we offer the option to all local customers to pick up in person. Fill out our contact form to switch from shipping to in person pick up.  


Please see our FAQ page, it has a lot of information to the most pressing and common questions. Please do not send status request early on in the order process or weekly, we won’t have much to update in such a short time but it will delay our ability to answer all messages in a timely manner.  If you need to contact us, you can use the contact form here. Or you may also DM us via Instagram or Facebook .