Custom Slides FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is an FFL transfer required?
No. Pistol slides do not require an FFL and can be shipped to any of the 50 states.

Do I need to send you my pistol slide?
No. This is an entirely new slide precision CNC machined to be easily swapped out with your factory slide. You get to keep your factory slide in it’s original condition.

What material is the slide made of?
Our slides start life as a solid billet of 17-4 Stainless Steel; then precision CNC machined into a custom slide for your pistol.  We do not use cheap castings.

What is included with the slide?
Only the slide body. 

What is the benefit from all the cuts, vents and serrations in the slide?

Aside from aesthetics, the cuts and serrations greatly help with grip.  The vents allow in air to help cool the barrel during heavy shooting–and together, they shave weight off the slide resulting in less reciprocating mass.  Additionally, we through-heat treat the entire slide up to 45 Rockwell which makes the slide body very rigid and reduces flexing when fired.  This equates to higher precision and smoother action.

What does slide lightening do?
Slide lightening shaves weight off the slide and as a result it not only makes the pistol lighter weight but also allows the slide to cycle faster (less reciprocating mass).  Faster cycling means you can achieve faster double-taps and squeeze off rounds faster than stock.

Do I need a different recoil spring due to the lighter slide weight?
In most cases, a different weight recoil spring is not required–however, ammunition can vary from shooter to shooter, so it is ultimately up to your personal experience whether you require a heavier recoil spring or not.