Mosin Nagant Picatinny Rail FAQ

Do I need a bent bolt?

Yes.  Due to the nature of having a full-length rail which extends over and past the ejection port, a standard sniper-style bent bolt is required to clear the underside of the rail.

The rail looks like it sits high up.
We designed the rail to sit as low as possible while still clearing the swing of the bent bolt.  Additionally, you can adjust to a degree the pitch of the rail and thus lower or raise the rail a bit.

Do I need anything else to mount my scope?
You will need scope rings (usually comes with your scope) which can mount to standard Picatinny or Weaver style rails in order to attach your scope to the rail.


  1. I see that your MN2014 Mosin Nagant Full Length Scope Rail is currently out of stock for the 91/30 model. When will you have it in stock?

  2. Hi I bought a rail for the 91/30 in the winter through amazon. I barely in the last month got some range time. because there is a bit of lateral play between the rail and the sight base (before the mount screws are tightened) I think the rail is being jogged on the barrel. I have a sightmark bore specific bore sight with no wiggle and a new bushnell trophy extreme scope. After one shot and reinserting the bore sight, the reticle was off substantially (2ft horizontal and 6ft vertical) starting again from square one and adjusting rail angle I ran out of thread on the rear screw. Bought a longer set screw today, will test again this weekend. Any advice thoughts or suggestions would be great. I plan on using this to hunt in 20 days and I’m concerned I won’t be able to after all. Thanks, I hope to hear from you very soon.

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