Custom CNC Slide Machining for Springfield

DV8 offers TWO options. Brand new billet slides OR send us your factory Springfield slide for cutting. If you want a new billet slide, please head over to this page.  If you want to send in your factory slide, proceed below.

RAPTOR ONE or PORTAL slide customization service for your sent-in factory Springfield Pistol slide! We precision CNC cut your existing Springfield XD, XD-S and Mod2 slides using our state-of-the-art 4-axis CNC and guarantee your satisfaction! (check out our machining video further down the page).

DV8 cuts give you more control over your slide (more grip) and lightens your slide, reducing reciprocating mass which results in faster cycling = faster double-taps; but we were careful to not remove too much material as to require a new recoil spring!  As a result, your completed Springfield slide works out of the box with your factory spring and components. 

HOW IT WORKS:  Just remove your slide from your frame, keep your barrel and recoil spring assembly and send your slide as-is.  We’ll take care to remove all the components and sights before we machine and Cerakote–and reinstall them before we send it back to you.  

Springfield XD 3″ Subcompact Raptor One cuts. Shown in DV8 Raptor Green.

Springfield XD9’s shown in all three cuts we offer: Portal cuts, Raptor Zero and Raptor One.

Portal cuts shown in Armor Black Cerakote with Gold Cerakoted Barrel.

Cost: $198.00 (3" to 3.3" slides)

Your sent-in slide cut with choice of Raptor One or Portal cuts precision CNC machined.

XD & MOD2 3″ Subcompact (all calibers)

XD & MOD2 3.3″ Subcompact (all calibers)

XDs & MOD2 3.3″ (all calibers)

Cost: $228.00 (4" to 5" slides)

Your sent-in slide cut with choice of Raptor One or Portal cuts precision CNC machined.

XD & MOD2 4″ Compact & Service (all calibers)

XD 5″ Tactical .45ACP

XD 5″ Tactical 9mm & .40SW (only compatible with Portal Cuts)

XDs 4″ (all calibers)

Optic Cut: $98

Optic Cut (by itself/no other cuts): $125.00

Vortex Venom, Vortex Viper, and Burris Fast Fire 3


On 9mm & .40SW XD & XDm models, the optic seat will overlap the chamber indicator slot–you will lose that feature function. 

For XDs, you will lose the chamber indicator slot on all calibers.


Finishing Options

$0.00 = No Coat / Bead Blast Finish

$55.00 = Standard Single Cerakote in (Armor Black, Burnt Bronze, Raptor Green)

$75.00 = Custom Single Color Cerakote (you choose any single color outside of the above standard colors)

$210.00 = Custom 3-Color Cerakote Camo (you choose combination of any 3-colors)

Get Started!

STEP 1:  Print out the DV8 Custom Workorder Form here.

STEP 2:  Ship us your slide (be sure to pack it well)

Ship to:

DV8 Dynamics, Inc.
18520 Pasadena Street.
Suite B
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

STEP 3:  Let us know your slide is coming.  Contact us:  

As soon as we receive your slide, we will give you a call to confirm.