Build Custom Springfield XDs Slides

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Raptor One slides are precision CNC machined from 4140 steel billet (no cheap castings or forgings).  Raptor One slides are lighter than factory which equals less carry weight and less reciprocating mass means insanely fast double-taps!  Deep Raptor One exclusive serrations both forward and rearward offer a massive amount of grip over factory as well as 75% more barrel ventilation.

Each slide is individually custom machined and (optionally) Cerakoted to your specifications at time of order; current lead-time to ship is approximately 8 weeks.


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    • 375 $
    • 375 $

    Choose a color Cerakote coating option for your slide. 
    Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic coating with a unique formulation which enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.  

    For any design requiring more than 3 colors or for distressing please contact for pricing. Chrome Cerakote colors are not available.

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    • 55 $
    • 55 $
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    Colors available at:



Introducing Design Dynamic Tactical original RAPTOR ONE custom billet steel slide for the Springfield Pistol line!  Keep your factory slide original and swap in the Raptor One for a unique style along with barrel vents, deep forward and aft grip cuts and 10% lighter than your factory slide.  100% made in the U.S.A.!  Precision CNC machined in the USA from USA made Billet 4140 Hardened Steel Alloy.


  • 4140 Hardened Alloy Steel Slide Body (Rockwell 32-36).
  • Factory spec dovetail sight mounts (front and rear CNC machined).
  • RAPTOR ONE design is specific to Design Dynamic Tactical slides.


  • DV8 Dynamics


  • Slide Body

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Includes Slide ONLY. Does not include other internal parts, barrel or sights.

NO CHEAP CASTINGS HERE!  We start with a solid 5.0lb+ billet of U.S.A. made 4140 Steel, Design Dynamic’s state-of-the-art CNC’s machine away over 80% of the material ending in a custom slide that weighs only 0.612lbs (3″ XD model).


We suggest all installation to be performed by a licensed gunsmith.